Using Repetition to Create a Quality User Experience

Using Repetition to Create a Quality User Experience

During the process of designing a user interface, many factors are taken into consideration to ensure the best experience is being provided for the end-user. A useful design method for achieving a quality user experience is the utilization of repetition. Repetition is important, because it creates consistency and rhythm throughout your website or application. With consistency across design elements, the look, the feel, etc., patterns are formed.

2017 Digital Publishing Trends

These are exciting times in the digital publishing world and I’m just amazed at the pace of all the transformative trends that are enabling new and disruptional capabilities. There are many, so I’ll just touch on a few here.

A ubiquitous trend, impacting most of the other trends, is the massive data and processing capabilities that are now available due to the growth of cloud technology and tools. 

Technology in Education

Technology has been present in education for many years, manifesting in many different forms. During earlier years (1980’s), education technology was hailed as a miracle learning tool that would immediately boost learning abilities with its mere presence. Behind the hype, these technologies were largely lackluster software programs with tools created by developers who were far removed from the educational process. This resulted in clunky, often ineffective installations which never really grabbed the attention of students.


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