Maintaining a Fluid User Experience Across Devices

Maintaining a Fluid User Experience Across Devices

The internet is more accessible than ever. Web users access it on the go and on a variety of devices. In response to this change in user behavior, responsive web design has become the new standard for web developers. This approach allows designers and developers alike to create a website that will be supported by all devices and screen sizes. As a screen size gets smaller or larger, a responsive website will scale up and down to adjust and fit accordingly, or display a new site entirely for different screen sizes.

How Upgrading Your Drupal Website Will Increase the Bottom Line

You could read all that was published about the great improvements made to a complex system such as Drupal, yet remain in the dark as to how these changes actually affect your workflow, your resources and ultimately, your organization’s bottom line. In this article, we will go over the changes that Drupal 8 introduces, and see how these changes can ultimately convert into a quantifiable argument which you can sell to partners or even to yourself.

Reduced maintenance costs

The New Drupal 8 Features Your Site Just Can't Live Without

Content management systems are well known for the quality of their content editors, or lack thereof. Truth be told, interaction with the digital world has come a long way over the last decade. You can now open a Word document online and use all the composition and formatting features of a stand-alone application, all inside a browser tab. You can draw, sketch, prototype and paint using online tools without having to download a single application to your own device.


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