Drupal 8 and PHP 7: Come together

November 2015 saw the release of two long awaited technology upgrades: PHP 7.0 and Drupal 8. 

As we’re about to discover, this is a rather fortunate coincidence, since it will allow Drupal customers to maximize the benefits of the renewed CMS platform. In previous articles, we’ve exposed a few of the benefits of Drupal’s latest technology updates. In this blog, we will review how, and why you should consider upgrading both PHP and Drupal together, as if they were twins.

The Benefits and Challenges of Drupal 8

Changes are rarely easy to deal with, but they are also a constant: changes will either find their way into your operations or else they will leave you to deal with your own obsolescence. Take for example the recent headline announcing that Drupal 8 has (almost) been released. The local news is that you now have to deal with it. To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question: a question that sooner or later you will end up answering "yes" to. That answer will then be followed by other questions, such as: "How do I upgrade my site and applications from Drupal 6/7 to Drupal 8?"

How to Conquer the World Using Drupal 8 Web Services

It would be rather hard to argue against the fact that, thanks to the Internet, the world which we live in is changing fast, and that it does so at an accelerated rate. As the world changes around it, so does the Internet and all the technology that the network spawned. This in turn causes the changes to occur on both ends at an ever faster pace.  


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