Drupal is an Open Source development framework that allows organizations to build complex websites and applications faster. A Drupal website installation has multiple advantages when compared to the competitors on the market. Among those is the security mechanisms that are embedded in the core of this Open Source system. VTL neither has a secret version of Drupal, nor does it use magical private modules. VTL’s work is completely transparent and aligned with the Open Source development methodology. We work along with the community to build a constantly improving product.

We are proud members of the Drupal.org Association: https://www.drupal.org/various-things-live 

Pantheon Agency Partners: https://pantheon.io/partners/various-things-live

Acquia Partners: https://www.acquia.com/partners/showcase/various-things-live


"Various Things Live has a skilled and diversified staff. Their team is top notch and easily integrated with our development team and were a pleasure to work with. They have always met our expectations and maintain a strict adherence to deadlines. They’ve also helped us find long-term solutions and efficiencies. They take the time to understand not only their client’s goals but their challenges as well. Their lead developer, Robert (Raheja) is an excellent coder, scrum master and overall lead developer.

Various Things Live has been an integral part of our 2015 project development and has helped us with numerous successful site launches. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with them."

Angelica Krott
Dir. Online Product Development and Systems
Winsight Media

VTL provides the following Drupal related services: