2017 Digital Publishing Trends

These are exciting times in the digital publishing world and I’m just amazed at the pace of all the transformative trends that are enabling new and disruptional capabilities. There are many, so I’ll just touch on a few here.

A ubiquitous trend, impacting most of the other trends, is the massive data and processing capabilities that are now available due to the growth of cloud technology and tools. 

Technology in Education

Technology has been present in education for many years, manifesting in many different forms. During earlier years (1980’s), education technology was hailed as a miracle learning tool that would immediately boost learning abilities with its mere presence. Behind the hype, these technologies were largely lackluster software programs with tools created by developers who were far removed from the educational process. This resulted in clunky, often ineffective installations which never really grabbed the attention of students.

Drupalcon 2016

Drupalcon NOLA 2016

Two months ago, my boss approached me at work asking if I had any interest in attending Drupalcon in New Orleans. As a web developer who is relatively new to the open-source software, Drupal, and had never heard of Drupalcon, I simply muttered, “Sure, that sounds cool”. With no real expectations as to what I was getting myself into, I packed my bags, and hopped on a plane to the blues and creole capital of the world.

How to Design Forms that Convert

How to Design Forms that Convert

Are you using forms to collect your visitors’ data, such as a list subscription, an event or a demo registration? Is that information an important part of your online business? If you answered yes to these questions, then chances are you would benefit immediately by optimizing your form, so it performs better at collecting individual data. A better conversion rate will lower your cost per conversion and directly impact your business’ bottom line.

User Experience Part 2: How to represent the user persona throughout the design process

In our last post, we discussed how executing research on the target audience can help you make content, style and layout decisions throughout the web design process. Using this target audience information, we can bring our knowledge into practice by creating user personas.

How to represent the user persona throughout the design process